Get Firewall Friendly with System Frontier 1.70

We’re excited to announce new features released today that make it easier to run your scripts in more places and manage multiple environments more efficiently.

Any network. One port.

With the addition of a certificate authentication option for management servers in System Frontier, you can now manage resources inside any network, including Active Directory domains that are not trusted. For some background, the management servers in System Frontier are where your scripts and built-in management tasks are executed. It has traditionally required Windows authentication from the web server as well as an SMB share for file transfers. Those limitations have been removed and everything happens over a single TCP port using the backend API.

You can manage servers, workstations, users and much more without having to open up tons of WMI ports or fight with your security team about WinRM (we think WinRM is great btw).

Spread the workload

Do you have a large environment where you need to run dozens or hundreds of scripts against hundreds or tens of thousands of objects? Now you can install management throughout your network where needed and scope the execution of tools by location, business unit or whatever makes sense for your scenario. SF load balances script execution for you.

The east coast admins can run their tools on their servers without stepping on the toes of west coast admins who are running tools on their servers. Everybody’s happy.

Do more than just run scripts

System Frontier also has built-in tools for delegating granular permissions to manage Windows services, processes, scheduled tasks and more.

SF is awesome at running not just PowerShell and PowerShell Core scripts, but also Python, Batch, VBScript or any scripting language than can run on a Windows server. From there you can target any platform or any object that is accessible via an API. Everything is based on RBAC and giving you the ability to have complete control over who runs your tools, how they run them and where.

System Frontier has been helping organizations of all sizes, around the globe, get real work done since 2012. Let us help you in 2020 and going forward.

Check out the changelog for more details.

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