New Release: Making Sure You Know What You Don’t Know

Read-only Tool View

Building tools in System Frontier and delegating the right ones to the right users can really increase security and boost efficiency in your organization. A problem can crop up though, when users don’t know about the tools you’ve created. Now you can let all users see a read-only list of all tools so they can request access to tools that they wouldn’t normally see because of role-based access control. Just go to Settings > Site and enable the following setting:

After the setting is enabled, all users can see the full list of tools by going to Tools > All tools (Read-only)

Accessing User Roles

Just before a tool loads, you may want to make some decisions about what the user can see, based on their role(s). We’ve added a new property to the Preprocessor databus called “__CurrentUserRoles”. It’s an array of role names for the user who launched the tool. To use it, just access it like any other property.

Here’s a PowerShell example:

if ([bool]($ -match "__CurrentUserRoles"))
    if ($dataBus.__CurrentUserRoles.Contains("Help Desk Level 1"))
        # Show information just for the Help Desk Level 1 team

Download The Update

Take a look at the changelog for more details and log into your Account page now to download v1.58.7394.16299.

Be safe. #StayHomeSaveLives

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