System Frontier v1.40.6902.26759

The latest release of System Frontier adds some exciting new features. See more details in the changelog.

Custom Menu Items

The first one may seem small, but can be a big impact on keeping things that are important to you and your team in focus: custom menu items. A new permission, WriteCustomNavigation, gives you the ability to add new items to the main navigation pane and assign which role(s) can see them. You can also make them private, for things only you may want to link to.

Any custom menu items you add or have access to will show up under the “More” node in one of the main menu sections.

In large organizations where admins and operators are using SF on a daily basis, having links to useful information and other tools can save a few clicks. Fewer clicks mean more productivity and faster TTR (time to resolution).

Dynamic Fields

Custom fields are a great way to capture user input and pass that data to your Custom Tool, whether it be PowerShell or any other scripting language. Up til now, lookup values for  those fields were statically defined. Now you specify PowerShell code grab data and dynamically populate drop down lists, checkboxes or any other custom fields you before the page is rendered to the user. No HTML code to write. No Windows forms controls to wire up. Sample code showing how easy it is to bring everything together can be found in the following KB article:

  Dynamically populate Custom Tool fields with PowerShell

Log into your account now to download the update or sign up for a free 30-day trial to check it and many other features out.

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