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Access denied on load SystemFrontier  




I'm installed the community edition on a server W2K16 standard.
After the installation and set the license key in the IIS (site reloaded) i want to start with SF.
In the browser i get in the account from the installation, but i become a access denied.
The access denied message:

You have not been granted access to this site

Whats wrong?
Best regards

2 Answers

This usually happens if the account your accessing the web URL doesn't match the account used to run the database installer. During the database install, the current user is added as the initial admin in SF. You'll need to log in with that account initially and then change or add more users or AD groups. More details can be found in this KB article.


SF Server is us-en, db server is de-de

I'm pretty sure this is not a scenario we've tested. :/ Will get back to you on this...


Hello Jay,

the user is the same, db installer and SF user.
Maybe a upper/lower case problem?

Best regards


That could be the case if your SQL server install is case-sensitive for some reason (not the default).

The sql server writes the domain in lower case, the browser transfers it in upper case, by default.


I apologize for the inconvenience. The SQL Server collation must be case-insensitive for System Frontier.