Accessed Denied after Installation

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Getting “Access Denied” on the website after installing the web, database, and management components of System Frontier.


While logged in as the user running the database installer, go to the %temp% folder and look for recent log files that start with “SFDB”. You will see the actual error details there. The application pool account that you specify during the database install will be added to the SystemFrontier database with sysadmin rights. There is an outstanding bug with the installer where it may fail if the account is already a login in SQL Server. Using a new service account usually yields better results.

The account you are accessing the web interface with must either be the same one that was used to run the database setup or was added as an additional administrator during the setup. If it was a different account, you can connect to the web interface the first time as the installer user, then add your normal account to the SFSA role. You can verify if an active account was configured correctly on the back end by checking the UserAccounts table in the SystemFrontier database using SQL Server Management Studio.

As long as you check the IIS install / update option during the web setup, all the correct options for authentication will be configured by default for you.

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