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The Audit History report shows logged actions.

Running the Audit History Report

By default the Audit History report displays the latest actions that were logged. In addition to being able to sort and set the number of items shown per page, there are options available that will let you filter the results. Columns include:

  • Created Date
  • Created By
  • Log Level
  • Target Hostname
  • Action
  • Action Item
  • Result
  • Error Source
  • Error Detail
  • Client IP
The Audit History Report page

You can filter the events by:

  • Date Range
  • Domain\Username
  • Hostname
  • Log level
  • Action
  • By typing into the Filter events field
Selecting the Date range filter
Entering a Domain\Username on which to filter
Entering a Hostname on which to filter
Specifying the Log level to show
Selecting the Action filter
Entering characters in the Filter events field on the right of the Audit History Report page

Clicking on the Run Report button will display the results according to the filters you have configured. The output is comparable to what you would see in a computer’s History view, except on a broader scale.

Be sure to read the User Guide for more information.

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