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System Frontier Changelog

1.60.7445.34461 (Released 5/21/2020)

  • New: Added notes to Computer objects.
  • New: Added progress bar for Custom Tool jobs.
  • New: Added “__PreprocessorID” field to the databus, which represents the ID of the currently running preprocessor tool. “__CustomToolID” field is the ID of the current running tool.
  • Fixed: SFSU not being set as default role for users added via AD group membership.
  • Fixed: Last line of code editor was hidden on some browsers.
  • Improved: Container load performance for larger Containers.

1.58.7394.16299 (Released 3/30/2020)

  • New: Setting to allow all users to see a read-only list of all custom tools.
  • New: Added list of current user’s role names to the preprocessor databus.
  • Fixed: File Content custom field data not available to the calling tool on some management servers.
  • Fixed: Duplicate finished message when editing Windows scheduled tasks.
  • New: Search existing custom fields when mapping to a custom tool.
  • Fixed: Error when removing last role for a user.

1.55.7346.13959 (Released 2/11/2020)

  • Improved: More database performance optimizations that improve both UI and API performance.

1.55.7338.25459 (Released 2/3/2020)

  • New: Added identity information for IIS application pools.
  • New: Added identity information for Windows scheduled tasks.
  • Fixed: WriteScheduledTask permission not allowing user to enable or disable scheduled tasks.
  • Improved: Many database performance optimizations under the hood. Multi-threading jobs scale much better now.
  • Fixed: Many other minor fixes.

1.53.7325.38641 (Released 1/21/2020)

  • New: Major performance improvements when running scripts against thousands of targets using the job engine.
  • New: Scripts running against a single (or no) target return instantly now, without any queuing delay.
  • Fixed: Root container not being set when a delegated admin creates a container.
  • Fixed: ModifyRole permission not being added when a delegated creates a role.
  • Fixed: Filters for start and stop service permissions not checking against name and displayname service properties.
  • Fixed: Expanded container view for delegated admin if database timeout occurs at the right time during the authorization sequence.

1.53.7310.13696 (Released 1/6/2020)

  • New: Community Edition now available.

1.52.7305.15595 (Released 1/1/2020)

  • New: Toggle custom tool execution between PowerShell and PowerShell Core on a per script basis.
  • Fixed: Issue with starting Windows services.
  • Fixed: Root Container not being set on new Roles created by delegated admins.
  • Fixed: ModifyRole permission not being added for new Roles created by delegated admins.

1.51.7286.12454 (Released 12/13/2019)

  • New: Multi-select custom field.
  • New: Table custom field. Automatically render searchable and sortable DataTable based on objects in the preprocessor.
  • New: HTML custom field. Add your own custom HTML and JavaScript to while still keeping all the benefits of using System Frontier to delegate your admin tools.
  • New: Current username (domain\username) of the user running the tool is now available on the databus for preprocessor code ($dataBus.__CurrentUsername).
  • Fixed: Instability issue when using IIS web gardens.
  • Fixed: Default value logic for custom fields.
  • Fixed: Windows service permission filter issue with Name versus DisplayName properties.
  • Fixed: When a field is not required, a $null value is passed to the command-line of PowerShell custom tools.
  • Fixed: Various other small fixes and improvements.

1.48.7219.32696 (Released 10/8/2019)

  • New: Mark custom fields as required or optional. Required fields will have an asterisk next the name.
  • New: Rename custom fields, per tool.
  • New: ROI reports, per tool. See individual labor savings for each script by year.
  • New: Default values for custom fields.
  • Fixed: Timeout issue for long running tools.
  • Fixed: Custom field names with dashes passing field name instead of value.
  • Fixed: ListBox with single value throws error when returning from preprocessor.
  • Fixed: Pagination in ROI configuration page not visible.
  • Improved: Formatting on several pages and input fields.

1.46.7164.38729 (Released 8/14/2019)

  • Fixed: Newly delegated users have no Containers to scope permissions to for new Roles. Root Container was not visible via AD group membership.

1.46.7156.30458 (Released 8/6/2019)

  • New: Preprocessor script errors are now reported back to the user.
  • Fixed: Arrays and some other objects that were used to populated custom fields in preprocessor scripts not being parsed correctly and return no data or an error.

1.46.7137.24301 (Released 7/17/2019)

  • Changed: The ReadCustomTool permission now allows a user to see a read-only view of all Custom Tools, including source code.
  • Changed: Custom Tool list now shows display name of tool owner.
  • New: More granular self-service management features have been added that allow delegated users to create and manage their own Containers, Roles and Custom Tools. This brings SF a step closer to full multi-tenancy.
  • New: Ability to delegate a read-only view of SF users and the roles that are a member of.
  • New: 60 day license renewal notification alert for users in the SFSA role.
  • New: Improved dashboard with additional metrics.
  • Fixed: Checkbox and Listbox custom fields names returned as values to underlying script when no value provided by the user. For PowerShell scripts, a $null value will be returned. Your command-line parameter(s) must use the AllowNull validation attribute to take advantage of this feature.
  • Fixed: Custom Field checkbox values being passed with spaces and special characters removed.
  • Fixed: Edit button visible on Summary tab for users who can’t edit basic Computer properties (rights were still blocked on actual page).
  • Fixed: Read-only view of Computer custom fields visible without ReadCustomAttribute permission.
  • New: Only SFSA role can edit credential mappings. Major improvements to credential management in next release.
  • Fixed: Main menu not updating after renaming a Container.
  • New: Users only see Containers in the main menu that have some level of permissions to or have been explicitly granted the WriteContainer permission for one or more Containers.
  • New: Filter Windows process tree view by any column.
  • Fixed: User permission audit report not showing permissions granted via Active Directory group memberships to Roles.
  • New: Custom Tool permissions dialog.
  • Removed: Log in as a different user feature.
  • Fixed: Deleting a preprocessor Custom Tool doesn’t remove references to parent tools.
  • Fixed: Role management for Custom Tools doesn’t behave as expected in some scenarios.

1.42.6994.13140 (Released 2/28/2019)

  • New: ROI dashboard that shows time and money savings resulting from automation tools being run via System Frontier. ROI settings are no longer configured on the Custom Tool edit page.
  • New: Custom fields can now be filtered.
  • New: Added web server name to site configuration page.
  • New: Custom menu items track link clicks for ROI reporting.
  • Fixed: When dot sourcing PowerShell code, the first tool execution succeeds, but subsequent calls fail when running multiple threads.
  • Fixed: 500 error when attempting to stop certain Windows services.
  • Fixed: Exit code from Custom Tool not populating in certain scenarios.
  • Fixed: IP address not populating properly after clicking on the Hardware tab for a computer.
  • Fixed: Mixing secure and insecure (non-SSL) content causes custom menu links to not open.
  • Fixed: Unexpected error on the Storage tab for certain computers.
  • Fixed: Can’t delete a role when tied to AD group membership(s).
  • Fixed: Custom Tools that are run outside the scope of a computer do not log results properly.
  • Fixed: Sort order is now respected for custom field data that is returned by a pre-script.
  • Fixed: Current username “${CurrentUsername}” variable not being populated for Custom Tools run outside the scope of a computer.
  • Fixed: Custom Tool appears to run successfully in the GUI but is executable multiple times in the background in certain scenarios.
  • Fixed: Licensing issues with international dates.
  • Improved: Job engine performance and stability.

1.40.6902.26759 (Released 11/26/2018)

  • New: Add custom menu items to the main menu.
  • New: Support for dynamically populated custom fields.
  • Improved: Launch the code editor from a custom launches in a modal now.
  • Fixed: Database installer not detecting update in certain scenarios.
  • Fixed: Audit History report not recognizing AD group memberships of the user.
  • Fixed: ListToCsv custom field type not formatting command-line arguments correctly for PowerShell tools.
  • Fixed: Windows event log with special characters causes a parsing error.
  • Other minor improvements and fixes.

1.37.6852.23761 (Released 10/5/2018)

  • Fixed: Scheduled tasks permissions filters not working correctly.
  • Improved: Added additional logging.
  • New: Import computers objects directly to a container.
  • Fixed: Custom tool not using the correct credentials in certain scenarios.
  • Fixed: Database setup routine incorrectly detecting upgrade in certain scenarios.

1.35.6778.36330 (Released 7/23/2018)

  • New: Added copy Role feature.
  • New: Enabled CORS support for API calls (Call API from different machine / domain using jQuery for example).
  • Improved: Scheduled task splitter styling.
  • Fixed: User session errors.
  • Fixed: Job execution failing after first target.
  • Fixed: Error deleting custom field.
  • Fixed: Users added via group showing no permissions in compliance report.
  • Fixed: Computer edit button using wrong permission.
  • Fixed: Missing available roles on role assignment page.
  • Fixed: Status field not updating on job object.
  • Fixed: Delete button error on Computer edit page.
  • Fixed: Reboot reason logging.

1.33.6670.31728 (Released 4/6/2018)

  • Fixed: Error when editing or managing scheduled tasks in subfolders.
  • Fixed: Error adding existing AD groups to a Role when the DNS and NetBIOS domain names do not match.
  • Fixed: Domain value stays selected between AD searches to reduce clicks.
  • Fixed: Issue with database updater not executing update commands.
  • Fixed: “There was an error creating a user session or access was denied” error.
  • Fixed: Improved AD search performance drastically for very large networks.
  • Fixed: Custom Tool job appears to hang when running against unlicensed nodes. Result will now show a “NotLicensed” status correctly for any node that is not licensed.

1.32.6662.41932 (Released 3/29/2018)

  • Fixed: Error deleting custom fields when they are mapped to a computer object.
  • Fixed: Tabular output not sorting correctly on date columns.
  • Fixed: UI improvements.
  • Fixed: Database versioning issue causes database update to fail.

1.32.6658.41098 (Released 3/26/2018)

  • Fixed: Issue with duplicate hostnames in target list for Custom Tool.
  • New: Custom tool output can now be aggregated and exported to plain text.
  • Fixed: Newline escaping issue in online code editor.
  • New: Improved custom tool output layout.
  • New: Custom field names are used in command-line arguments instead of index value.
  • New: SSH scripting is now supported when specifying a .sh file extension for a Custom Tool.
  • Fixed: Case sensitivity issue with target variable substitution in command-line arguments.
  • New: Option to prevent a Custom Tool from being run outside the scope of a Computer object.
  • New: Custom Tool GUID is now visible in the UI to enable easier copy/paste when calling Custom Tools via the REST API.
  • Fixed: Removed legacy Charts setting in web.config.
  • New: Last user activity column on User list screen.
  • Fixed: Removed ambiguous history report from Settings menu.
  • New: Added support for adding Active Directory groups to Roles.
  • New: Search for Active Directory users and groups when adding Role members.
  • New: Removed several JavaScript confirmation dialogs.
  • New: Improved Custom Tool management logging.
  • New: Added fields to capture manual labor values for Custom Tools to facilitate automation ROI reporting.
  • New: Cleaned up several UI elements.
  • Fixed: Issue with job status counts on Job Summary screen.
  • Fixed: Issue with duplicate database version in Settings table.
  • Fixed: Starter license showing incorrect license limits.
  • Fixed: Custom tool shows as Completed when underlying return data issue exists.
  • Many other back end fixes and improvements to the product have been made.

1.25.6474.16220 (Released 9/22/2017)

  • New: Edit the script behind your custom tool in-browser with syntax highlighting.
  • Improved: Custom fields have been revamped and improved.
  • New: Use custom fields in generated links for linking data to other web based applications via URL.
  • New: Populate custom fields via import API.
  • New: Search box now trims leading and trailing spaces.
  • New: Lights Out Management field on Summary page generates a link to the web console for any computer where defined (iLO, DRAC, IPMI, etc.).
  • New: Duplicate hostnames support is now disabled by default.
  • Fixed: Open button enabled when Custom Tool is disabled or has no roles assigned.

1.24.6365.15576 (Released 6/5/2017)

  • New: Parallel task execution. Custom tools can now target multiple nodes and run asynchronously.
  • New: Custom branding option for forms login page.
  • New: Change or configure management server from GUI.
  • New: Added ListToCsv custom field type. Transposes a list of items to a comma separated list, suitable for a command-line argument.
  • New: Process memory is now reported in megabytes instead of kilobytes.
  • Fixed: Scheduled task actions no longer scroll with task list.
  • Fixed: Improved Windows service query performance.
  • Fixed: Improved Windows process query performance.
  • Fixed: Improved general WMI query performance.
  • Fixed: Log out action not behaving as expected for forms login users.
  • Fixed: Issue with PowerShell scripts loading account profile.
  • Fixed: Improved custom tool dialog sizing.
  • Fixed: Improved install and update process.
  • Fixed: Process tree not rendering correctly in some instances.
  • Fixed: Issue renaming a computer.
  • Fixed: Role list default sorting by name.
  • Fixed: Issue deleting a Custom Tool.
  • Fixed: Removed deprecated SQL stored procedures for new installs.

1.18.6148.26723 (Released 11/3/2016)

  • Fixed: Duplicate credential created when mapping credential to Container.
  • New: Dynamically generated web form to capture various input types for Custom Tools.
  • New: Custom fields UI. Coming soon: Map custom fields to any object type.
  • Fixed: Custom Tool creation simplified.
  • New: Link directly to a comptuer object via URL. Example: http://sfserver/?hostname=svr01
  • New: Delegate rights to start, stop and/or recycle IIS application pools and websites.
  • New: Added support for specifying a default domain when adding a computer.
  • Fixed: Deleting a credential causes a referential integrity issue.
  • Fixed: Credential mapping for Container doesn’t save in some scenarios.
  • Fixed: “Maximum call stack size exceeded” error in client-side code.
  • Fixed: Error when modifying scheduled tasks in subfolders.

1.16.6080.17975 (Released 8/24/2016)

  • New: Scheduled task subfolder support.
  • Fixed: Database consistency issue fixed when deleting Containers.
  • Fixed: Modifying the “All computers” Container throws an exception when no credentials have been mapped to it.
  • Fixed: Showing disabled tasks causes tasks table to scroll when there are a small number of tasks visible.
  • Known issue: Computer import API gets “Access Denied” if the “All computers” Container has been deleted. (Setting to read-only in next release)
  • Fixed: Issue with creating scheduled tasks on Windows Server 2003.
  • Fixed: Error getting credentials while trying to ping a host.
  • Fixed: Some Containers throwing an exception when no credentials are mapped to them.

1.16.6045.18555 (Released 7/20/2016)

  • New: Multiple credential support (Windows servers and workstations in multiple domains / workgroups and users in other trusted domains).
  • Fixed: Deleted computers with “Test” value for Environment showing up as Container members.
  • Fixed: Improved performance when modifying a delegated user.
  • Fixed: Corrupt scheduled tasks on Windows Server 2003 causing XML parsing errors in the user interface.
  • Fixed: Improved scheduled task error handling.
  • New: Custom logo support is now available (branding).
  • Fixed: Permission expiration date not saving when language is set to en-GB.
  • Fixed: Removed application pool password from install log.
  • Fixed: Database installer not configuring service account permissions properly in SQL for some scenarios.
  • Fixed: Scheduled task name not visible when it contains special characters.
  • Fixed: Removed password length limit in credential manager.
  • Fixed: IP address not getting populated when adding a computer in some scenarios.
  • Fixed: Duplicate Container members in certain scenarios.
  • Fixed: Administrators with a certain set of permissions getting a “Delete service” dialog when selecting “Start service”.

1.13.1 (Released 1/18/2016)

  • New: Added current username as a variable for custom tools (PowerShell, VBScript, etc…)
  • Fixed: Unable to enable disabled tasks when not the object owner.
  • Fixed: Exception in some cases when executing Ping or Uptime tools.
  • Fixed: Users able to view all Windows services when only being in a role with view permissions to a single service.
  • New: RDP tool is now role based and hidden by default.
  • New: Reboot tool is now hidden when the user does not have adequate permissions (role based), instead of being greyed out. It is hidden by default.
  • Fixed: Min/max event log settings are now enforced in the UI.
  • Fixed: Deleting a container of objects leaves phantom objects when viewing the scope of a role’s permissions.
  • Fixed: Increased windows size for reboot modal dialog. Pertinent information was not visible on older browsers.
  • Fixed: Several minor fixes and improvements.
  • Fixed: History report throws an error when using internation date formats.
  • New: Main “Tools” menu item is now role based.

1.12.5 (Released 8/6/2015)

  • New: Web API for automatically importing and updating Computer objects from any external data source.
  • New: Delete scheduled tasks permission now available.
  • New: Delete Windows services permission now available.
  • New: Added CPU usage property to process list.
  • New: Custom tools (PowerShell, VBScript, Command-line, etc…) can now be filtered by name and for better granularity. Computer scoping has been improved and made easier.
  • New: WMI query timeouts are user configurable.
  • Updated: Windows service query performance has been vastly improved.
  • Updated: Windows process query performance has been vastly improved.
  • Fixed: Unable to terminate orphaned processes.
  • Fixed: Processes with a single digit memory count show a leading zero.
  • Fixed: Process memory count was inconsistent between Windows XP/Server 2003 and newer Windows operating systems.
  • Various other minor improvements and fixes.

1.9.12 (Released 2/2/2015)

  • New: More scheduled task management features added: task repetition, enable/disable task, disabled tasks hidden by default
  • Fixed: Certain scheduled task triggers types are not added properly.
  • Fixed: An “unexpected error” when database connection is misconfigured during install or unavailable. Actual error is logged to support log file.
  • Fixed: Wording on task filter textbox label is incorrect.
  • New: Added more granular Read permissions on services, scheduled tasks and processes.
  • New: A delegated admin can now read process information for those he or she has a Terminate permission for.
  • New: A delegated admin can now read service information for those he or she has a Start or Stop permission for.
  • Fixed: License validation improvements.
  • Fixed: Event logs do not default to being sorted by latest first.
  • New: Last event log filter is saved between pages and sessions.
  • Fixed: Event log timestamps and the “Get Uptime” tool now reflect local time.

1.9.5 (Released 12/7/2014)

  • Fixed: User with read access to a scheduled task can still disable or enable task.
  • Fixed: “Out of memory error at line: xxxx” error.
  • Fixed: “Out of memory” error when closing modal dialogs in Internet Explorer 8.
  • Known issue: “Logon failure: unknown user name or bad password” error when attempting to modify scheduled tasks running as a user account that differs from the delegated admin credentials. Does not affect tasks running as local service accounts (SYSTEM, LocalService, etc…)
  • New: UI options for configuring scheduled task repetition.
  • Fixed: “Login as a different user” button returns 404 after upgrade.

1.9.0 (Released 9/14/2014)

  • New: Completely redesigned installer that addresses numerous issues.
  • New: From the web portal, log in as a different user.
  • Fixed: Disabling a scheduled tasks creates duplicate triggers and/or actions in some cases.
  • Fixed: Various message texts have been improved.
  • Fixed: Increased default setting for MaxReceivedMessageSize.
  • New: The number of event logs returned is globally configurable.
  • New: The maximum history for event logs returned is globally configurable.
  • New: Added default Containers for Windows client operating systems.
  • Fixed: IIS application pool failed to create for Windows Server 2012 (non-R2).
  • Fixed: Database appears to be created during installation but actually failed to report an error.
  • Fixed: Disabled scheduled tasks that are still running can now be stopped.
  • Fixed: Scheduled task RunAs user changed to last user who modified task in some cases.
  • New: New System Frontier logo.
  • New: SQL Server connection now defaults to Windows authentication.

1.8.4 (Released 6/1/2014)

  • Fixed: Editing scheduled task details causes an unexpected error.
  • Fixed: Incorrect “access denied” message when attempt to create a scheduled task in certain configurations.
  • Fixed: Deleted computers showing up in search results when adding Container members.
  • New: Delete a role.
  • New: Currently logged on user information added to main header area.
  • Fixed: Search results not set to 100% width when adding Container members.
  • Fixed: Several minor issues and GUI improvements.

1.8.0 (Released 3/28/2014)

  • New: Local account password management.
  • New: Improved workgroup support. Add a local account as a System Frontier user.
  • Fixed: Local account unlock and enable features not working in a non-domain (workgroup) environment.
  • Fixed: Permission expiration being set for subsequent permissions based on first expiration date encountered in a permission set.
  • Fixed: Custom web links showing incorrect variable names.
  • New: Improved help and examples.

1.7.0 (Released 1/31/2014)

  • New: Temporal constraints on all permissions are available now, giving you the ability to set an expiration date for any permission.
  • New: Filter criteria is saved between management actions and page refreshes.
  • New: Custom tools and scheduled tasks can be filtered in the grid view.
  • New: The “Manage” menu node is now expanded by default when launching the web console.
  • Fixed: Grid data now resizes vertically in all management tabs.
  • Fixed: Case sensitivity issue on lookup values when importing computers from a list.
  • Fixed: “An unexpected error occurred” when querying event logs that don’t have valid message text.
  • Fixed: Computer tabs scroll partially out of view after peforming a management action like restarting a service or running a PowerShell script.

1.6.4 (Released 11/12/2013))

  • New: A separate service account is no longer required for the management service, simplifing deployment even more.
  • Fixed: Management IP address column not being added during database creation.
  • New: Custom attribute logic has changed such that existing attributes will be updated instead of creating new ones. This will avoid issues with multiple attributes and search results.
  • Fixed: Several UI issues with scheduled task management.
  • Known issue: Lookup values (Environment, Status) are case sensitive when importing a list of computers. Validation coming in 1.7 release.
  • Fixed: Issue with write permissions for custom links.
  • Fixed: Issue with text from script output not being truncated for display properly on the History tab.
  • Fixed: Unlock local account function not working as expected.

1.6.0 (Released 9/29/2013)

  • New: Ability to create and modify scheduled tasks.
  • New: Ability to modify existing scheduled tasks.
  • New: Custom URLs. Link to external web based tools when viewing a server, using context sensitive variables in the query string.
  • New: More variables are available for custom tool arguments and custom URLs including IP address, subnet mask and more.
  • New: RDP session can now be launched by hostname or IP address.
  • Fixed: Layout issue on computer console.
  • Fixed: Permission issue when viewing scheduled tasks.

1.5.2 (Released 8/19/2013)

  • New: Additional filters added for Audit History report.
  • Improved: Event Log query performance has been vastly improved.
  • Fixed: Duplicate hostname error when adding a server that has been previously deleted.
  • Fixed: End date filter on Audit History report resets to the current date on report load.
  • Fixed: Custom search column setting not being saved globally.
  • Fixed: Unlock local account feature throwing an exception in certain scenarios.

1.5.0 (Released 7/30/2013)

  • New: Custom attributes can now be defined for any server giving users the ability to store more metadata about a system. One custom attribute can also be configured to show up in search results and Container membership results.
  • New: Local account management. Local user accounts can now be enabled or unlocked from the web console.
  • New: New layout for Summary tab when viewing server information.
  • New: Launch an RDP session from the Tools tab. Known issue with Chrome.
  • New: Limited support for servers that are in a workgroup.
  • Update: Improved services query.
  • Update: After performing a management action on a Windows service, the page scrolls to that service and highlights it.
  • Fixed: Some dialogs not closing properly after updates.
  • Fixed: Increased default query timeout to improve reliability for managing systems across slow or intercontinental links.

1.3.0 (Released 6/24/2013)

  • New: Ability to delegate rights to view all or any combination of event logs remotely.
  • Fixed: Removed extra validation step when adding a new user.
  • Fixed: Various minor issues.

1.2.2 (Released 6/12/2013)

  • Fixed: Container member table pushed all the way to the right in IE10.
  • Fixed: Some confirmation dialogs scrolled page very far down.
  • Fixed: “Deleted” status showing up in drop down lists where not applicable.
  • Fixed: New or modified Container changes not immediately visible in UI after saving.
  • Fixed: jQuery DataTables “asSorting” error after refreshing data on some pages.
  • Fixed: Mozilla Firefox compatibility issues.
  • Fixed: JScript error when updating role memberships.
  • Fixed: Radio buttons not rendering correctly when displaying scheduled tasks.
  • New: Management service now logs connection info to facilitate troubleshooting.
  • New: Management service now automatically authorizes local connections. This resolves a common issue where customers have the management service and website installed on the same server.

1.2.1 (Released 5/30/2013)

  • Fixed: After editing server information and clicking Update, no changes were saved.
  • Tested: Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Express support has been verified.

1.2 (Released 5/11/2013)

  • New: Audit history report has been added which can be filtered by date range, user and/or computer.
  • New: Added 10 new default roles with preconfigured permissions.
  • Fixed: Server credentials page incorrectly stated that credentials must match the management service.
  • Fixed: Tooltips on role membership add/remove buttons were incorrect.
  • Fixed: After being deleted, a computer could not be re-added.
  • Fixed: Page scrolls down to empty whitespace when executing ping, uptime or other customer tools.
  • Fixed: Admin history report doesn’t fill available window width.
  • Fixed: Other miscellaneous CSS issues.

1.1 (Released 3/4/2013)

  • New: Windows Server 2012 is now officially supported.
  • New: Management service can now run as a low privileged account.
  • Fixed security flaw where extra service endpoints were exposed when not needed.
  • Fixed permission issue where delete computer button was still visible even if the user couldn’t use it.
  • Added digit grouping for memory amount on Processes tab.
  • Fixed null value exception during certain scenarios when querying remote processes.
  • Fixed issue with computer history not being sorted by most recent activity by default.
  • Simplified computer history to include only most relevant columns.
  • Improved uptime error message wording.
  • Fixed error being thrown in some scenarios where no scheduled tasks exist.

1.0.16 (Released 2/10/2013)

  • Fixed an exception being thrown when querying Windows processes.
  • Scheduled task queries are correctly reported in history now.
  • Fixed Search results and other grid output issues with 100% width in Firefox and mobile browsers.
  • New: Computers can now be deleted from the UI. The actual record is maintained in the database for history and audit purposes.
  • Removed some deprecated database objects.

1.0.15 (Released 1/22/2013)

  • Fixed an issue where 0 results were shown for grid views if the user had not set a default in “My Settings”.
  • Removed some unnecessary whitespace on the Dashbaord page.

1.0.14 (Released 1/13/2013)

  • Added a My Settings feature.
  • All grid view results use a user configurable setting for how many rows to display by default and will individually remember your settings (per web session)
  • Added text to the access denied page to help avoid confusion with IIS generated errors.
  • The reboot button is now grayed out if the user doesn’t have permissions to reboot the target computer.
  • When adding objects to role permissions, Containers are listed first and by default if no other objects are available to assign.
  • Added a favicon to the web application.
  • Fixed some invalid text on the setup routine.

1.0.12 (Released 12/21/2012)

  • New: Database installation can be performed remotely, removing the requirement of the .NET Framework 4 on the SQL server.
  • Fixed: Closing a computer window and opening a new window doesn’t work properly.
  • New: Ability to add/remove manual Container members instead of only having dynamic membership. Dynamic and manual members are merged if both exist.
  • New: Added some help text for dynamic Container membership syntax and available fields.
  • New: Added “description” to Container view.
  • Fixed: Scheduled Tasks have client-side validation now. Only tasks that can be managed should have a usable radio button.
  • Fixed: Grid views were misaligned, sometimes to the right.
  • Known issues: Buttons below some grid views are pushed too far down to be immediately visible.

1.0.11 (Released 12/10/2012)

  • Added Windows Server 2003 support for scheduled task management.
  • By default, permission filters will all apply to all instance objects because they will be defaulted to the wildcard (asterisk).
  • Fixed an issue when redirecting to the access denied page.
  • Fixed a lingering issue with permission filters not respecting asterisk.
  • Fixed data access issue causing “ExecuteReader requires an open and available Connection.” errors while performing various tasks. This should also fix intermittent errors when adding a permission scope.
  • Added global exception handling to catch unexpected errors. A friendly message is now displayed to the user with a reference number that can be used to correlate the error back to an administrative log file.
  • Fixed transparency issue when certain modal message boxes are displayed to the user.
  • Added ability to delete a user instead of just disabling them.
  • Fixed issue which would not allow periods (.) or percent signs (%) in a Container filter.
  • Added description field to Computer summary tab.
  • Added CPU speed and type to Computer hardware tab Terminate process dialog now shows process name and process ID
  • Increased default history view to 25 rows.
  • Several other minor bug fixes and cosmetic issues.

1.0.8 (Released 11/26/2012)

  • Fixed globalization issue causing license dates to be evaluated incorrectly
  • Several fixes related to permissions and roles
    • Filter and scope options only show up now for permissions where applicable
    • A description shows up for each permission when selected in the dropdown list (Filter must be added after permission is added now)
    • Filters can take wildcard (asterisk) before and/or after the filter text. Examples: *SQL or SQL* or *SQL*
    • To apply a permission to any service or process, use a wildcard by itself. Example: *
    • SFSA role is given all permissions on first install. Each permissions is scoped to the “All computers” container.
    • A few sample roles are added during install, already configured with default permissions
    • SFSA role can view history on any computer without having to explicitly be give the ReadHistory permission.
    • New users are automatically added to the SFSU role
  • Added a text box to configure the website port during install.
  • Fixed issue with Management Service not being configured with the admin service account credentials and automatically started.
  • Fixed opacity issue in Internet Explorer 9 with process that cannot be terminated. Terminate icons would not grey out.
  • A few sample Containers are added during install to help get users started quickly.

1.0.5 (Released 10/28/2012)

  • Fixed minor issues with setup routine.
  • Made minor enhancements to role management UI.
  • Other minor fixes.

1.0 (Released 10/12/2012)

  • Initial release.
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