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System Frontier Changelog

1.77.8034.34765 (Released 1/28/2022)

  • Fixed: Logging of custom tool permission management.
  • New: Addition tool sync logging.
  • Improved: Container membership query performance.
  • Improved: Tool sync performance.
  • New: TLS 1.3 support for management server connections.
  • Various small bug fixes.

1.76.7970.9263 (Released 10/27/2021)

  • Fixed: Custom Tools using SSH with the .sh extension not launching.
  • Fixed: Logging issue with empty tool results.
  • Fixed: File hash updates fail in some scenarios.
  • Fixed: Windows scheduled tasks not being returned in some scenarios.
  • Improved: SSH error logging.
  • Improved: Management service error logging.

1.76.7936.14873 (Released 9/29/2021)

  • New: Refresh start/pause button on Job Workload page.
  • New: More user information about the user launching a tool added to the databus.
  • New: Added “ReadJob” permission which allows read-only access to any job result via the API or Job Workloads page.
  • Improved: Error trapping and logging in management service.
  • Improved: Job logging.
  • Fixed: Disabled SID translation for scheduled task accounts.
  • Fixed: Month list not showing up correctly during scheduled task edit.
  • Fixed: Management service debug log auto rotates at 10 MB size limit.
  • Fixed: Error message “The given key was not present in the dictionary.” when running a tool.

1.75.7733.27326 (Released 3/6/2021)

  • Fixed: Excessive database locking with high throughput of REST API calls to the job engine.

1.75.7725.24925 (Released 3/4/2021)

  • Fixed: Custom tool throws an error if a FileContent field contains special characters.
  • New: Added note type to facilitate categorization of notes.
  • New: Container API to get container members.
  • New: API to check custom tool permissions for a user.
  • Several minor updates and performance tweaks.

1.73.7668.23942 (Released 12/29/2020)

  • Fixed: Granting a role edit permissions from the Custom Tool permissions dialog still only grants read-only permission.

1.73.7660.17844 (Released 12/21/2020)

  • New: Mark Custom Tools as favorites and filter by most recent.
  • New: Entire folder hierarchy under Custom Tools is synced now.
  • New: Button to clear Active Directory group membership cache.
  • Fixed: Resolving credentials from a Custom Tool shows an empty Container name in audit history.
  • Fixed: Incorrect wording on some sync result and error messages.
  • Fixed: Nested group memberships not being evaluated properly in certain scenarios.
  • Fixed: Group to Role membership removed when Role is manually removed from user.

1.71.7633.13036 (Released 11/24/2020)

  • Fixed: Issue with getting group memberships from trusted domains.
  • Improved: File sync performance.
  • Improved: Better file sync error messaging.
  • Fixed: “Created by” in job task shows tool creator, not job creator.
  • Fixed: Missing parameter issue caused by missing certificate name.
  • Improved: Significantly improved job dashboard performance.
  • New: Tools dropdown for Container is searchable.
  • New: Added tool licensing warning on all tools page.
  • New: Print icon on content window toolbar.

1.70.7587.21305 (Released 10/9/2020)

  • New: File hashes for all custom tools will be updated whenever the web application is started or restarted. You can still manually update them by going to Settings > Site and clicking the Update button.
  • Fixed: Some Windows services not showing up even though user has permissions.

1.70.7583.17171 (Released 10/5/2020)

  • New: .NET Framework 4.8 is now required on the web and management server(s).
  • New: Certificate authentication is now an option for scenarios where management servers need to be in a DMZ or on an untrusted domain. All remote management can now happen over a single TCP port.
  • New: Credentials can now be mapped to specific management servers to provide more granular control of where scripts run and how and to enforce better security boundaries.
  • New: Link to management server configuration page moved to main menu under Settings.
  • Fixed: Container membership error when root container has no dynamic membership defined.
  • New: All files in each tool’s folder are synced only from trusted management servers to other management servers over the backend API. File sync now happens over the same, single TCP port and the SMB share dependency has been removed.
  • New: File hashes are compared from a trusted copy of a script before execution can occur to further prevent unauthorized execution.
  • Fixed: Group membership-based roles are now evaluated properly for members from other domains in an Active Directory forest.
  • New: Added more job information to the databus for use by a preprocessor script.
  • New: Added debug logging parameter to Authorization.xml
  • Fixed: Any orphaned temp files are now cleaned up when the management service restarts.
  • Fixed: Various minor fixes.
  • New: Exposed more detailed logging in the Audit History report.
  • Fixed: Improved Job Workload dashboard performance.
  • Fixed: .NET version detection on Settings > Site page improved and updated.

1.67.7546.15107 (Released 8/29/2020)

  • Fixed: Security vulnerability where delegated admins with certain permissions could elevate privileges.
  • Fixed: Container memberships allowed outside a root Container when specified.
  • Fixed: Computer hardware tab not updating IP and domain information.
  • New: Computer hardware tab shows more details now.
  • Improved: Find local group memberships for user in a separate trusted domain.
  • Fixed: Computer console tabs scrolling out of view after manually adding a computer.
  • Fixed: Container error when its root Container has only manual memberships.
  • Improved: Added more logging.
  • Fixed: Custom tool dialog hiding preprocessor script errors.
  • Fixed: Custom dialog run button partially hidden in certain scenarios.
  • New: Show database server name on settings page.

1.64.7509.14986 (Released 7/23/2020)

  • New: Option to add a custom SQL encryption key during the initial install.
  • Improved: Slow loading times for non-SFSA role members on the main page when there are ~50 or more Containers.
  • Other minor fixes and improvements.

1.60.7445.34461 (Released 5/21/2020)

  • New: Added notes to Computer objects.
  • New: Added progress bar for Custom Tool jobs.
  • New: Added “__PreprocessorID” field to the databus, which represents the ID of the currently running preprocessor tool. “__CustomToolID” field is the ID of the current running tool.
  • Fixed: SFSU not being set as default role for users added via AD group membership.
  • Fixed: Last line of code editor was hidden on some browsers.
  • Improved: Container load performance for larger Containers.

1.58.7394.16299 (Released 3/30/2020)

  • New: Setting to allow all users to see a read-only list of all custom tools.
  • New: Added list of current user’s role names to the preprocessor databus.
  • Fixed: File Content custom field data not available to the calling tool on some management servers.
  • Fixed: Duplicate finished message when editing Windows scheduled tasks.
  • New: Search existing custom fields when mapping to a custom tool.
  • Fixed: Error when removing last role for a user.

1.55.7346.13959 (Released 2/11/2020)

  • Improved: More database performance optimizations that improve both UI and API performance.

1.55.7338.25459 (Released 2/3/2020)

  • New: Added identity information for IIS application pools.
  • New: Added identity information for Windows scheduled tasks.
  • Fixed: WriteScheduledTask permission not allowing user to enable or disable scheduled tasks.
  • Improved: Many database performance optimizations under the hood. Multi-threading jobs scale much better now.
  • Fixed: Many other minor fixes.

1.53.7325.38641 (Released 1/21/2020)

  • New: Major performance improvements when running scripts against thousands of targets using the job engine.
  • New: Scripts running against a single (or no) target return instantly now, without any queuing delay.
  • Fixed: Root container not being set when a delegated admin creates a container.
  • Fixed: ModifyRole permission not being added when a delegated creates a role.
  • Fixed: Filters for start and stop service permissions not checking against name and displayname service properties.
  • Fixed: Expanded container view for delegated admin if database timeout occurs at the right time during the authorization sequence.

1.53.7310.13696 (Released 1/6/2020)

  • New: Community Edition now available.

1.52.7305.15595 (Released 1/1/2020)

  • New: Toggle custom tool execution between PowerShell and PowerShell Core on a per script basis.
  • Fixed: Issue with starting Windows services.
  • Fixed: Root Container not being set on new Roles created by delegated admins.
  • Fixed: ModifyRole permission not being added for new Roles created by delegated admins.

1.51.7286.12454 (Released 12/13/2019)

  • New: Multi-select custom field.
  • New: Table custom field. Automatically render searchable and sortable DataTable based on objects in the preprocessor.
  • New: HTML custom field. Add your own custom HTML and JavaScript to while still keeping all the benefits of using System Frontier to delegate your admin tools.
  • New: Current username (domain\username) of the user running the tool is now available on the databus for preprocessor code ($dataBus.__CurrentUsername).
  • Fixed: Instability issue when using IIS web gardens.
  • Fixed: Default value logic for custom fields.
  • Fixed: Windows service permission filter issue with Name versus DisplayName properties.
  • Fixed: When a field is not required, a $null value is passed to the command-line of PowerShell custom tools.
  • Fixed: Various other small fixes and improvements.

1.48.7219.32696 (Released 10/8/2019)

  • New: Mark custom fields as required or optional. Required fields will have an asterisk next the name.
  • New: Rename custom fields, per tool.
  • New: ROI reports, per tool. See individual labor savings for each script by year.
  • New: Default values for custom fields.
  • Fixed: Timeout issue for long running tools.
  • Fixed: Custom field names with dashes passing field name instead of value.
  • Fixed: ListBox with single value throws error when returning from preprocessor.
  • Fixed: Pagination in ROI configuration page not visible.
  • Improved: Formatting on several pages and input fields.

1.46.7164.38729 (Released 8/14/2019)

  • Fixed: Newly delegated users have no Containers to scope permissions to for new Roles. Root Container was not visible via AD group membership.

1.46.7156.30458 (Released 8/6/2019)

  • New: Preprocessor script errors are now reported back to the user.
  • Fixed: Arrays and some other objects that were used to populated custom fields in preprocessor scripts not being parsed correctly and return no data or an error.

1.46.7137.24301 (Released 7/17/2019)

  • Changed: The ReadCustomTool permission now allows a user to see a read-only view of all Custom Tools, including source code.
  • Changed: Custom Tool list now shows display name of tool owner.
  • New: More granular self-service management features have been added that allow delegated users to create and manage their own Containers, Roles and Custom Tools. This brings SF a step closer to full multi-tenancy.
  • New: Ability to delegate a read-only view of SF users and the roles that are a member of.
  • New: 60 day license renewal notification alert for users in the SFSA role.
  • New: Improved dashboard with additional metrics.
  • Fixed: Checkbox and Listbox custom fields names returned as values to underlying script when no value provided by the user. For PowerShell scripts, a $null value will be returned. Your command-line parameter(s) must use the AllowNull validation attribute to take advantage of this feature.
  • Fixed: Custom Field checkbox values being passed with spaces and special characters removed.
  • Fixed: Edit button visible on Summary tab for users who can’t edit basic Computer properties (rights were still blocked on actual page).
  • Fixed: Read-only view of Computer custom fields visible without ReadCustomAttribute permission.
  • New: Only SFSA role can edit credential mappings. Major improvements to credential management in next release.
  • Fixed: Main menu not updating after renaming a Container.
  • New: Users only see Containers in the main menu that have some level of permissions to or have been explicitly granted the WriteContainer permission for one or more Containers.
  • New: Filter Windows process tree view by any column.
  • Fixed: User permission audit report not showing permissions granted via Active Directory group memberships to Roles.
  • New: Custom Tool permissions dialog.
  • Removed: Log in as a different user feature.
  • Fixed: Deleting a preprocessor Custom Tool doesn’t remove references to parent tools.
  • Fixed: Role management for Custom Tools doesn’t behave as expected in some scenarios.

1.42.6994.13140 (Released 2/28/2019)

  • New: ROI dashboard that shows time and money savings resulting from automation tools being run via System Frontier. ROI settings are no longer configured on the Custom Tool edit page.
  • New: Custom fields can now be filtered.
  • New: Added web server name to site configuration page.
  • New: Custom menu items track link clicks for ROI reporting.
  • Fixed: When dot sourcing PowerShell code, the first tool execution succeeds, but subsequent calls fail when running multiple threads.
  • Fixed: 500 error when attempting to stop certain Windows services.
  • Fixed: Exit code from Custom Tool not populating in certain scenarios.
  • Fixed: IP address not populating properly after clicking on the Hardware tab for a computer.
  • Fixed: Mixing secure and insecure (non-SSL) content causes custom menu links to not open.
  • Fixed: Unexpected error on the Storage tab for certain computers.
  • Fixed: Can’t delete a role when tied to AD group membership(s).
  • Fixed: Custom Tools that are run outside the scope of a computer do not log results properly.
  • Fixed: Sort order is now respected for custom field data that is returned by a pre-script.
  • Fixed: Current username “${CurrentUsername}” variable not being populated for Custom Tools run outside the scope of a computer.
  • Fixed: Custom Tool appears to run successfully in the GUI but is executable multiple times in the background in certain scenarios.
  • Fixed: Licensing issues with international dates.
  • Improved: Job engine performance and stability.

1.40.6902.26759 (Released 11/26/2018)

  • New: Add custom menu items to the main menu.
  • New: Support for dynamically populated custom fields.
  • Improved: Launch the code editor from a custom launches in a modal now.
  • Fixed: Database installer not detecting update in certain scenarios.
  • Fixed: Audit History report not recognizing AD group memberships of the user.
  • Fixed: ListToCsv custom field type not formatting command-line arguments correctly for PowerShell tools.
  • Fixed: Windows event log with special characters causes a parsing error.
  • Other minor improvements and fixes.

1.37.6852.23761 (Released 10/5/2018)

  • Fixed: Scheduled tasks permissions filters not working correctly.
  • Improved: Added additional logging.
  • New: Import computers objects directly to a container.
  • Fixed: Custom tool not using the correct credentials in certain scenarios.
  • Fixed: Database setup routine incorrectly detecting upgrade in certain scenarios.

1.35.6778.36330 (Released 7/23/2018)

  • New: Added copy Role feature.
  • New: Enabled CORS support for API calls (Call API from different machine / domain using jQuery for example).
  • Improved: Scheduled task splitter styling.
  • Fixed: User session errors.
  • Fixed: Job execution failing after first target.
  • Fixed: Error deleting custom field.
  • Fixed: Users added via group showing no permissions in compliance report.
  • Fixed: Computer edit button using wrong permission.
  • Fixed: Missing available roles on role assignment page.
  • Fixed: Status field not updating on job object.
  • Fixed: Delete button error on Computer edit page.
  • Fixed: Reboot reason logging.

1.33.6670.31728 (Released 4/6/2018)

  • Fixed: Error when editing or managing scheduled tasks in subfolders.
  • Fixed: Error adding existing AD groups to a Role when the DNS and NetBIOS domain names do not match.
  • Fixed: Domain value stays selected between AD searches to reduce clicks.
  • Fixed: Issue with database updater not executing update commands.
  • Fixed: “There was an error creating a user session or access was denied” error.
  • Fixed: Improved AD search performance drastically for very large networks.
  • Fixed: Custom Tool job appears to hang when running against unlicensed nodes. Result will now show a “NotLicensed” status correctly for any node that is not licensed.

1.32.6662.41932 (Released 3/29/2018)

  • Fixed: Error deleting custom fields when they are mapped to a computer object.
  • Fixed: Tabular output not sorting correctly on date columns.
  • Fixed: UI improvements.
  • Fixed: Database versioning issue causes database update to fail.

1.32.6658.41098 (Released 3/26/2018)

  • Fixed: Issue with duplicate hostnames in target list for Custom Tool.
  • New: Custom tool output can now be aggregated and exported to plain text.
  • Fixed: Newline escaping issue in online code editor.
  • New: Improved custom tool output layout.
  • New: Custom field names are used in command-line arguments instead of index value.
  • New: SSH scripting is now supported when specifying a .sh file extension for a Custom Tool.
  • Fixed: Case sensitivity issue with target variable substitution in command-line arguments.
  • New: Option to prevent a Custom Tool from being run outside the scope of a Computer object.
  • New: Custom Tool GUID is now visible in the UI to enable easier copy/paste when calling Custom Tools via the REST API.
  • Fixed: Removed legacy Charts setting in web.config.
  • New: Last user activity column on User list screen.
  • Fixed: Removed ambiguous history report from Settings menu.
  • New: Added support for adding Active Directory groups to Roles.
  • New: Search for Active Directory users and groups when adding Role members.
  • New: Removed several JavaScript confirmation dialogs.
  • New: Improved Custom Tool management logging.
  • New: Added fields to capture manual labor values for Custom Tools to facilitate automation ROI reporting.
  • New: Cleaned up several UI elements.
  • Fixed: Issue with job status counts on Job Summary screen.
  • Fixed: Issue with duplicate database version in Settings table.
  • Fixed: Starter license showing incorrect license limits.
  • Fixed: Custom tool shows as Completed when underlying return data issue exists.
  • Many other back end fixes and improvements to the product have been made.

1.25.6474.16220 (Released 9/22/2017)

  • New: Edit the script behind your custom tool in-browser with syntax highlighting.
  • Improved: Custom fields have been revamped and improved.
  • New: Use custom fields in generated links for linking data to other web based applications via URL.
  • New: Populate custom fields via import API.
  • New: Search box now trims leading and trailing spaces.
  • New: Lights Out Management field on Summary page generates a link to the web console for any computer where defined (iLO, DRAC, IPMI, etc.).
  • New: Duplicate hostnames support is now disabled by default.
  • Fixed: Open button enabled when Custom Tool is disabled or has no roles assigned.

1.24.6365.15576 (Released 6/5/2017)

  • New: Parallel task execution. Custom tools can now target multiple nodes and run asynchronously.
  • New: Custom branding option for forms login page.
  • New: Change or configure management server from GUI.
  • New: Added ListToCsv custom field type. Transposes a list of items to a comma separated list, suitable for a command-line argument.
  • New: Process memory is now reported in megabytes instead of kilobytes.
  • Fixed: Scheduled task actions no longer scroll with task list.
  • Fixed: Improved Windows service query performance.
  • Fixed: Improved Windows process query performance.
  • Fixed: Improved general WMI query performance.
  • Fixed: Log out action not behaving as expected for forms login users.
  • Fixed: Issue with PowerShell scripts loading account profile.
  • Fixed: Improved custom tool dialog sizing.
  • Fixed: Improved install and update process.
  • Fixed: Process tree not rendering correctly in some instances.
  • Fixed: Issue renaming a computer.
  • Fixed: Role list default sorting by name.
  • Fixed: Issue deleting a Custom Tool.
  • Fixed: Removed deprecated SQL stored procedures for new installs.

1.18.6148.26723 (Released 11/3/2016)

  • Fixed: Duplicate credential created when mapping credential to Container.
  • New: Dynamically generated web form to capture various input types for Custom Tools.
  • New: Custom fields UI. Coming soon: Map custom fields to any object type.
  • Fixed: Custom Tool creation simplified.
  • New: Link directly to a comptuer object via URL. Example: http://sfserver/?hostname=svr01
  • New: Delegate rights to start, stop and/or recycle IIS application pools and websites.
  • New: Added support for specifying a default domain when adding a computer.
  • Fixed: Deleting a credential causes a referential integrity issue.
  • Fixed: Credential mapping for Container doesn’t save in some scenarios.
  • Fixed: “Maximum call stack size exceeded” error in client-side code.
  • Fixed: Error when modifying scheduled tasks in subfolders.

1.16.6080.17975 (Released 8/24/2016)

  • New: Scheduled task subfolder support.
  • Fixed: Database consistency issue fixed when deleting Containers.
  • Fixed: Modifying the “All computers” Container throws an exception when no credentials have been mapped to it.
  • Fixed: Showing disabled tasks causes tasks table to scroll when there are a small number of tasks visible.
  • Known issue: Computer import API gets “Access Denied” if the “All computers” Container has been deleted. (Setting to read-only in next release)
  • Fixed: Issue with creating scheduled tasks on Windows Server 2003.
  • Fixed: Error getting credentials while trying to ping a host.
  • Fixed: Some Containers throwing an exception when no credentials are mapped to them.

1.16.6045.18555 (Released 7/20/2016)

  • New: Multiple credential support (Windows servers and workstations in multiple domains / workgroups and users in other trusted domains).
  • Fixed: Deleted computers with “Test” value for Environment showing up as Container members.
  • Fixed: Improved performance when modifying a delegated user.
  • Fixed: Corrupt scheduled tasks on Windows Server 2003 causing XML parsing errors in the user interface.
  • Fixed: Improved scheduled task error handling.
  • New: Custom logo support is now available (branding).
  • Fixed: Permission expiration date not saving when language is set to en-GB.
  • Fixed: Removed application pool password from install log.
  • Fixed: Database installer not configuring service account permissions properly in SQL for some scenarios.
  • Fixed: Scheduled task name not visible when it contains special characters.
  • Fixed: Removed password length limit in credential manager.
  • Fixed: IP address not getting populated when adding a computer in some scenarios.
  • Fixed: Duplicate Container members in certain scenarios.
  • Fixed: Administrators with a certain set of permissions getting a “Delete service” dialog when selecting “Start service”.

1.13.1 (Released 1/18/2016)

  • New: Added current username as a variable for custom tools (PowerShell, VBScript, etc…)
  • Fixed: Unable to enable disabled tasks when not the object owner.
  • Fixed: Exception in some cases when executing Ping or Uptime tools.
  • Fixed: Users able to view all Windows services when only being in a role with view permissions to a single service.
  • New: RDP tool is now role based and hidden by default.
  • New: Reboot tool is now hidden when the user does not have adequate permissions (role based), instead of being greyed out. It is hidden by default.
  • Fixed: Min/max event log settings are now enforced in the UI.
  • Fixed: Deleting a container of objects leaves phantom objects when viewing the scope of a role’s permissions.
  • Fixed: Increased windows size for reboot modal dialog. Pertinent information was not visible on older browsers.
  • Fixed: Several minor fixes and improvements.
  • Fixed: History report throws an error when using internation date formats.
  • New: Main “Tools” menu item is now role based.

1.12.5 (Released 8/6/2015)

  • New: Web API for automatically importing and updating Computer objects from any external data source.
  • New: Delete scheduled tasks permission now available.
  • New: Delete Windows services permission now available.
  • New: Added CPU usage property to process list.
  • New: Custom tools (PowerShell, VBScript, Command-line, etc…) can now be filtered by name and for better granularity. Computer scoping has been improved and made easier.
  • New: WMI query timeouts are user configurable.
  • Updated: Windows service query performance has been vastly improved.
  • Updated: Windows process query performance has been vastly improved.
  • Fixed: Unable to terminate orphaned processes.
  • Fixed: Processes with a single digit memory count show a leading zero.
  • Fixed: Process memory count was inconsistent between Windows XP/Server 2003 and newer Windows operating systems.
  • Various other minor improvements and fixes.

1.9.12 (Released 2/2/2015)

  • New: More scheduled task management features added: task repetition, enable/disable task, disabled tasks hidden by default
  • Fixed: Certain scheduled task triggers types are not added properly.
  • Fixed: An “unexpected error” when database connection is misconfigured during install or unavailable. Actual error is logged to support log file.
  • Fixed: Wording on task filter textbox label is incorrect.
  • New: Added more granular Read permissions on services, scheduled tasks and processes.
  • New: A delegated admin can now read process information for those he or she has a Terminate permission for.
  • New: A delegated admin can now read service information for those he or she has a Start or Stop permission for.
  • Fixed: License validation improvements.
  • Fixed: Event logs do not default to being sorted by latest first.
  • New: Last event log filter is saved between pages and sessions.
  • Fixed: Event log timestamps and the “Get Uptime” tool now reflect local time.

1.9.5 (Released 12/7/2014)

  • Fixed: User with read access to a scheduled task can still disable or enable task.
  • Fixed: “Out of memory error at line: xxxx” error.
  • Fixed: “Out of memory” error when closing modal dialogs in Internet Explorer 8.
  • Known issue: “Logon failure: unknown user name or bad password” error when attempting to modify scheduled tasks running as a user account that differs from the delegated admin credentials. Does not affect tasks running as local service accounts (SYSTEM, LocalService, etc…)
  • New: UI options for configuring scheduled task repetition.
  • Fixed: “Login as a different user” button returns 404 after upgrade.

1.9.0 (Released 9/14/2014)

  • New: Completely redesigned installer that addresses numerous issues.
  • New: From the web portal, log in as a different user.
  • Fixed: Disabling a scheduled tasks creates duplicate triggers and/or actions in some cases.
  • Fixed: Various message texts have been improved.
  • Fixed: Increased default setting for MaxReceivedMessageSize.
  • New: The number of event logs returned is globally configurable.
  • New: The maximum history for event logs returned is globally configurable.
  • New: Added default Containers for Windows client operating systems.
  • Fixed: IIS application pool failed to create for Windows Server 2012 (non-R2).
  • Fixed: Database appears to be created during installation but actually failed to report an error.
  • Fixed: Disabled scheduled tasks that are still running can now be stopped.
  • Fixed: Scheduled task RunAs user changed to last user who modified task in some cases.
  • New: New System Frontier logo.
  • New: SQL Server connection now defaults to Windows authentication.

1.8.4 (Released 6/1/2014)

  • Fixed: Editing scheduled task details causes an unexpected error.
  • Fixed: Incorrect “access denied” message when attempt to create a scheduled task in certain configurations.
  • Fixed: Deleted computers showing up in search results when adding Container members.
  • New: Delete a role.
  • New: Currently logged on user information added to main header area.
  • Fixed: Search results not set to 100% width when adding Container members.
  • Fixed: Several minor issues and GUI improvements.

1.8.0 (Released 3/28/2014)

  • New: Local account password management.
  • New: Improved workgroup support. Add a local account as a System Frontier user.
  • Fixed: Local account unlock and enable features not working in a non-domain (workgroup) environment.
  • Fixed: Permission expiration being set for subsequent permissions based on first expiration date encountered in a permission set.
  • Fixed: Custom web links showing incorrect variable names.
  • New: Improved help and examples.

1.7.0 (Released 1/31/2014)

  • New: Temporal constraints on all permissions are available now, giving you the ability to set an expiration date for any permission.
  • New: Filter criteria is saved between management actions and page refreshes.
  • New: Custom tools and scheduled tasks can be filtered in the grid view.
  • New: The “Manage” menu node is now expanded by default when launching the web console.
  • Fixed: Grid data now resizes vertically in all management tabs.
  • Fixed: Case sensitivity issue on lookup values when importing computers from a list.
  • Fixed: “An unexpected error occurred” when querying event logs that don’t have valid message text.
  • Fixed: Computer tabs scroll partially out of view after peforming a management action like restarting a service or running a PowerShell script.

1.6.4 (Released 11/12/2013))

  • New: A separate service account is no longer required for the management service, simplifing deployment even more.
  • Fixed: Management IP address column not being added during database creation.
  • New: Custom attribute logic has changed such that existing attributes will be updated instead of creating new ones. This will avoid issues with multiple attributes and search results.
  • Fixed: Several UI issues with scheduled task management.
  • Known issue: Lookup values (Environment, Status) are case sensitive when importing a list of computers. Validation coming in 1.7 release.
  • Fixed: Issue with write permissions for custom links.
  • Fixed: Issue with text from script output not being truncated for display properly on the History tab.
  • Fixed: Unlock local account function not working as expected.

1.6.0 (Released 9/29/2013)

  • New: Ability to create and modify scheduled tasks.
  • New: Ability to modify existing scheduled tasks.
  • New: Custom URLs. Link to external web based tools when viewing a server, using context sensitive variables in the query string.
  • New: More variables are available for custom tool arguments and custom URLs including IP address, subnet mask and more.
  • New: RDP session can now be launched by hostname or IP address.
  • Fixed: Layout issue on computer console.
  • Fixed: Permission issue when viewing scheduled tasks.

1.5.2 (Released 8/19/2013)

  • New: Additional filters added for Audit History report.
  • Improved: Event Log query performance has been vastly improved.
  • Fixed: Duplicate hostname error when adding a server that has been previously deleted.
  • Fixed: End date filter on Audit History report resets to the current date on report load.
  • Fixed: Custom search column setting not being saved globally.
  • Fixed: Unlock local account feature throwing an exception in certain scenarios.

1.5.0 (Released 7/30/2013)

  • New: Custom attributes can now be defined for any server giving users the ability to store more metadata about a system. One custom attribute can also be configured to show up in search results and Container membership results.
  • New: Local account management. Local user accounts can now be enabled or unlocked from the web console.
  • New: New layout for Summary tab when viewing server information.
  • New: Launch an RDP session from the Tools tab. Known issue with Chrome.
  • New: Limited support for servers that are in a workgroup.
  • Update: Improved services query.
  • Update: After performing a management action on a Windows service, the page scrolls to that service and highlights it.
  • Fixed: Some dialogs not closing properly after updates.
  • Fixed: Increased default query timeout to improve reliability for managing systems across slow or intercontinental links.

1.3.0 (Released 6/24/2013)

  • New: Ability to delegate rights to view all or any combination of event logs remotely.
  • Fixed: Removed extra validation step when adding a new user.
  • Fixed: Various minor issues.

1.2.2 (Released 6/12/2013)

  • Fixed: Container member table pushed all the way to the right in IE10.
  • Fixed: Some confirmation dialogs scrolled page very far down.
  • Fixed: “Deleted” status showing up in drop down lists where not applicable.
  • Fixed: New or modified Container changes not immediately visible in UI after saving.
  • Fixed: jQuery DataTables “asSorting” error after refreshing data on some pages.
  • Fixed: Mozilla Firefox compatibility issues.
  • Fixed: JScript error when updating role memberships.
  • Fixed: Radio buttons not rendering correctly when displaying scheduled tasks.
  • New: Management service now logs connection info to facilitate troubleshooting.
  • New: Management service now automatically authorizes local connections. This resolves a common issue where customers have the management service and website installed on the same server.

1.2.1 (Released 5/30/2013)

  • Fixed: After editing server information and clicking Update, no changes were saved.
  • Tested: Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Express support has been verified.

1.2 (Released 5/11/2013)

  • New: Audit history report has been added which can be filtered by date range, user and/or computer.
  • New: Added 10 new default roles with preconfigured permissions.
  • Fixed: Server credentials page incorrectly stated that credentials must match the management service.
  • Fixed: Tooltips on role membership add/remove buttons were incorrect.
  • Fixed: After being deleted, a computer could not be re-added.
  • Fixed: Page scrolls down to empty whitespace when executing ping, uptime or other customer tools.
  • Fixed: Admin history report doesn’t fill available window width.
  • Fixed: Other miscellaneous CSS issues.

1.1 (Released 3/4/2013)

  • New: Windows Server 2012 is now officially supported.
  • New: Management service can now run as a low privileged account.
  • Fixed security flaw where extra service endpoints were exposed when not needed.
  • Fixed permission issue where delete computer button was still visible even if the user couldn’t use it.
  • Added digit grouping for memory amount on Processes tab.
  • Fixed null value exception during certain scenarios when querying remote processes.
  • Fixed issue with computer history not being sorted by most recent activity by default.
  • Simplified computer history to include only most relevant columns.
  • Improved uptime error message wording.
  • Fixed error being thrown in some scenarios where no scheduled tasks exist.

1.0.16 (Released 2/10/2013)

  • Fixed an exception being thrown when querying Windows processes.
  • Scheduled task queries are correctly reported in history now.
  • Fixed Search results and other grid output issues with 100% width in Firefox and mobile browsers.
  • New: Computers can now be deleted from the UI. The actual record is maintained in the database for history and audit purposes.
  • Removed some deprecated database objects.

1.0.15 (Released 1/22/2013)

  • Fixed an issue where 0 results were shown for grid views if the user had not set a default in “My Settings”.
  • Removed some unnecessary whitespace on the Dashbaord page.

1.0.14 (Released 1/13/2013)

  • Added a My Settings feature.
  • All grid view results use a user configurable setting for how many rows to display by default and will individually remember your settings (per web session)
  • Added text to the access denied page to help avoid confusion with IIS generated errors.
  • The reboot button is now grayed out if the user doesn’t have permissions to reboot the target computer.
  • When adding objects to role permissions, Containers are listed first and by default if no other objects are available to assign.
  • Added a favicon to the web application.
  • Fixed some invalid text on the setup routine.

1.0.12 (Released 12/21/2012)

  • New: Database installation can be performed remotely, removing the requirement of the .NET Framework 4 on the SQL server.
  • Fixed: Closing a computer window and opening a new window doesn’t work properly.
  • New: Ability to add/remove manual Container members instead of only having dynamic membership. Dynamic and manual members are merged if both exist.
  • New: Added some help text for dynamic Container membership syntax and available fields.
  • New: Added “description” to Container view.
  • Fixed: Scheduled Tasks have client-side validation now. Only tasks that can be managed should have a usable radio button.
  • Fixed: Grid views were misaligned, sometimes to the right.
  • Known issues: Buttons below some grid views are pushed too far down to be immediately visible.

1.0.11 (Released 12/10/2012)

  • Added Windows Server 2003 support for scheduled task management.
  • By default, permission filters will all apply to all instance objects because they will be defaulted to the wildcard (asterisk).
  • Fixed an issue when redirecting to the access denied page.
  • Fixed a lingering issue with permission filters not respecting asterisk.
  • Fixed data access issue causing “ExecuteReader requires an open and available Connection.” errors while performing various tasks. This should also fix intermittent errors when adding a permission scope.
  • Added global exception handling to catch unexpected errors. A friendly message is now displayed to the user with a reference number that can be used to correlate the error back to an administrative log file.
  • Fixed transparency issue when certain modal message boxes are displayed to the user.
  • Added ability to delete a user instead of just disabling them.
  • Fixed issue which would not allow periods (.) or percent signs (%) in a Container filter.
  • Added description field to Computer summary tab.
  • Added CPU speed and type to Computer hardware tab Terminate process dialog now shows process name and process ID
  • Increased default history view to 25 rows.
  • Several other minor bug fixes and cosmetic issues.

1.0.8 (Released 11/26/2012)

  • Fixed globalization issue causing license dates to be evaluated incorrectly
  • Several fixes related to permissions and roles
    • Filter and scope options only show up now for permissions where applicable
    • A description shows up for each permission when selected in the dropdown list (Filter must be added after permission is added now)
    • Filters can take wildcard (asterisk) before and/or after the filter text. Examples: *SQL or SQL* or *SQL*
    • To apply a permission to any service or process, use a wildcard by itself. Example: *
    • SFSA role is given all permissions on first install. Each permissions is scoped to the “All computers” container.
    • A few sample roles are added during install, already configured with default permissions
    • SFSA role can view history on any computer without having to explicitly be give the ReadHistory permission.
    • New users are automatically added to the SFSU role
  • Added a text box to configure the website port during install.
  • Fixed issue with Management Service not being configured with the admin service account credentials and automatically started.
  • Fixed opacity issue in Internet Explorer 9 with process that cannot be terminated. Terminate icons would not grey out.
  • A few sample Containers are added during install to help get users started quickly.

1.0.5 (Released 10/28/2012)

  • Fixed minor issues with setup routine.
  • Made minor enhancements to role management UI.
  • Other minor fixes.

1.0 (Released 10/12/2012)

  • Initial release.
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