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This document will describe the types of Compliance reports and how to run them.

Types of Compliance Reports

Currently, there are two built-in Compliance reports available:

  • Permissions By User
  • Custom Tools By User

Permissions By User

The Permissions by User report will allow you to see which permissions the user has for a class object, perhaps a Container or a single computer. It will also show the filters that are applied to the user for that permission.

The Permissions By User Report

Custom Tools By User

The Custom Tools By User Report will let you view which custom tools the user can access.

The Custom Tools By User Report
If you prefer to use an alternative reporting engine, all data for System Frontier is stored in a SQL database and can be accessed with normal SQL queries.

How to Run a Compliance Report

In the Compliance view, select a user from the dropdown box.

The Compliance All Reports page

Click Run next to the report that you wish to run.

The report is displayed.

Be sure to read the User Guide for more information.

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