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Credentials are used to help provide an avenue for access to remote computers and devices.

Managing Credentials

Credentials specified under Settings > Credentials do not apply to Active Directory queries used in Custom Tools or to validate user and group accounts. Those Credentials are Domain Credentials which are configured in Settings > Domain Configuration.

On the Credential Manager page, you can add, click to edit, or disable a Credential.

The Credentials page

You can have multiple Credentials. These may be assigned to Custom Tools or Containers to provide access to computers as needed. The default Credential for all of System Frontier is the one used by the All Computers Container. So, this is the one used unless another Credential is specified for a Container or Custom Tool.

Manage > Containers > All computers shows the default Credential Mapping

A Credential for a Custom Tool takes priority over other Credentials and will always be the one used when the tool is run.

The Custom Tool (Edit) page shows the Credential Mapping (at the bottom) that will always be used by the tool, if it exists.

If a Custom Tool does not have a Credential configured, it will look for a Container’s Credential. The order in which the Custom Tool finds the Credential to use is:

  1. If a Credential Mapping exists for a Custom Tool, use it; else,
  2. If a Credential Mapping exists for a Container with the target computer as a member, use it; else,
  3. If no other Credential Mapping exists, use the All Computers Credential Mapping.
Custom Tool Credential order of resolution
When not using Custom Tools or All Computers Credentials, System Frontier selects the first Credential found in an alphabetically ordered list of containers in which the computer is a member.

Adding Credentials

To Add a Credential, click on the Add button.

The Credentials page – click the Add button
Adding a Credential

Then, fill in the Name (this can be a custom name), Description, Username, Password, Owner. Click Save to save the Credential.

The Owner field is not currently used, but still must be defined. In most cases, put the SFSA Credential as the Owner.
The Username should be a Domain\Username account, but a Username with no Domain specified can be used if that Username account exists as a local account on the management server AND on the target computer with the same password on both computers.

Modifying Credentials

Along with adding Credential information like username and password, you can assign the Credential to be used on specific management servers or all of them. This gives you more flexibility with running Custom Tools on a management server. For example, if you have a management server in a different domain, you can apply a specific credential to be used on that management server.

To modify an existing Credential, click on the Name, then make changes on the next page, then click Save.

Modifying a Credential

Deleting Credentials

To delete a Credential, click on the Credential name and then click on the Delete link on the next page. A dialog will appear so that you can confirm the deletion.

Be sure to read the User Guide for more information.

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