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You can configure one or more domains for use with System Frontier.

Managing Domain Configuration

From the Domain Configuration page you can view the domains for which System Frontier is configured to work, click to edit a listed domain, or add new domains.

The Domain Configuration page

Adding a Domain

To add a domain, click the Add button on the Domain Configuration page (shown above). This will take you to the New Domain Entry page.

There are three pieces of information needed in order to add a domain.

Domain Name

The Domain Name entered must be the NetBIOS name, not the FQDN (Fully Qualified Domain Name). Just enter the short name here. So, if your Domain Name was, you would only enter mydomain into the field.

LDAP Binding

Enter the FQDN into the LDAP Binding field in this format: Alternatively, if it’s an untrusted domain that you need to access, you can enter the IP address of the domain controller ( or, if it only accepts AD queries on a secure port, you can enter the FQDN or IP address with a colon followed by the port number (i.e. Moreover, binding to a specific OU is also allowed, such as:, OU=IT, DC=mydomain, DC=net.

Credential Mapping

For the Credential Mapping, you need to enter the Credentials that will be used to communicate with Active Directory on the domain.

An example of adding a Domain

Modifying a Domain

Navigate to Settings > Domain Configuration. Click on the Domain Name that you wish to modify. Then, on the Edit Domain Entry page make any changes needed. Click Save.

Modifying Domain settings on the Edit Domain Entry page
Modifying domain settings has no effect in Active Directory or on your network.

Deleting a Domain

To delete a domain, click on the Delete link on the Edit Domain Entry page.

Deleting a domain has no effect in Active Directory or on your network.

Be sure to read the User Guide for more information

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