How to Manage an Unhandled Exception in System Frontier

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If you are an end user, contact your local System Frontier administrator with information on the exception, including the reference ID.

If you are the System Frontier administrator, find more details about the error in the audit history log. Full stack trace information is stored in the SupportInfo.log file on web server in this folder: C:\ProgramData\Noxigen.

Specific Issues:

Issue: “The requested upgrade is not supported by ‘net.tcp://… This could be due to mismatched bindings (for example security enabled on the client and not on the server).

Reason: This issue can be caused by the removal of a certificate name on the Settings > Management Servers page where the certificate name is not removed from the management server Authorization.xml file.

Solution: Go to the management server and remove the certificate name from the name value of the certificate attribute of the Authorization.xml file, save the file and restart the System Frontier Management service.

If you are unable to determine the reason for the unhandled exception, send the details to Noxigen support for further assistance.

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