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Manage the users of System Frontier on the Users page under Settings.

Managing System Frontier Users


The main function of the Users page is to enable you to add new users and modify existing users. You can also view users and filter or sort those displayed results according to the number of items configured to show on the page.

When you add a group (such as an AD group) to a Role, the users in that Role will automatically be provisioned and added into the Users the first time a user accesses System Frontier. So, there is no need to add every user to Users as this is done automatically in most cases.

System Frontier uses Active Directory, so when you add or modify users, you will be working with those credentials. Administering users on the Users page has no effect on that account in Active Directory. The purpose is to add users so that they can have permissions to work within System Frontier.

For non-domain (workgroup) installations, you can only specify local accounts existing on the computer that is serving the web page for System Frontier.

Adding a New User

Adding a new user into System Frontier is easy. Click on the Add button to see the User (Insert) page. Just type in the domain\username and click Add. System Frontier will query the domain and, if the name is valid, add it. A disable checkbox is there in case you’d like to disable the account in System Frontier upon adding it.

Adding a new User

Modifying an Existing User

The process to edit an existing user in System Frontier is initiated by selecting the Domain\Username link of the user you wish to change. On the User (Edit) page you will be able to do several things:

  • Change the Domain\Username
  • Customize the Display name (if you want it to be different than the AD display name)
  • Disable the user. Disabling a user here has an immediate effect without delay since System Frontier is role-based and the disable occurs entirely within the System Frontier framework.
  • Assign roles. Selecting multiple roles at one time is possible.
  • Delete the user. This only deletes the user within the context of System Frontier access.

Clicking the Save button enacts the changes.

Editing a User
Clicking the Validate button will set the Display name to the same value in Active Directory

Once a user has been added, you can assign one or more Roles to them. A user’s permissions will be determined by the aggregate permissions between all the Roles they are a member of. The flexible RBAC model in System Frontier makes it possible to configure any number of permission combinations to achieve high access granularity.

If a user leaves the company or no longer needs any delegated access, you can simply disable their access from the User (Edit) page.

Deleting an Existing User

Click on the Domain\Username of the account that you wish to delete. On the User (Edit) page click the Delete link next to the Cancel button. Deleting a user in System Frontier has no effect on that user’s Active Directory account.

Be sure to read the User Guide for more information.

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