How to Migrate a Management Server

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Assuming you have already built a new server to function as a System Frontier management server:

  • Install the Management Service on the new server.
  • Copy all of the files located on the old management server in this folder: “C:\ProgramData\Noxigen\Custom Tools” to the same location on the new management server. An empty folder of the same name should already exist on the new server after the management service is installed.
  • Configure the management server in the management servers section of System Frontier (see below).

Open System Frontier. Go to Settings > Management Servers.

This opens the New Management Server page.

  • In the Hostname field, enter the hostname or IP address for the new management server.
  • Leave the Port set to the default 48500.
  • Enter certificate, if used.
  • Select Trusted or Disabled as desired.
  • Click Save
  • Be sure to click Edit and then delete any previous management servers that are no longer in service. Or, they can be disabled.
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