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This guide will take you through the necessary steps for a successful installation. If your prerequisites are in place, setup should only take about 15-20 minutes.

All components can be installed on one server or across multiple servers. The web application and SQL database support the redundancy and availability features of IIS and Microsoft SQL Server respectively. The management service must currently be installed on a single machine.

Getting Started

System Frontier uses Active Directory for authentication and an internal role database for authorization. Before you begin, please have the following 2 domain service accounts created:

  • Low privilege domain account for the IIS application pool
  • The management service runs as NETWORK SERVICE
  • High privilege domain account with rights to the target objects you will be managing (servers, workstations, network devices, Active Directory objects, etc.). You can add multiple accounts after installation and segment access as needed.

NOTE: Your user account will be the default administrator and the only user with access after the install is complete. To avoid configuration issues, the same user should install the web and database modules. If a database administrator needs to run the database installer, be sure to have them add the primary System Frontier administrator account during the install.

Be sure to remember the information used during each install as you may need to specify some of the same information more than once.

Installation Steps

  1. Install Database
  2. Install Management Service
  3. Install Web Application
  4. Post Installation

Using System Frontier

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