Management Server Configuration

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Adding a Management server to the Web Application

The System Frontier Web Application needs to know which management server to use for delegated administration. Follow these same procedures to modify the entry when moving to a new server.

  1. Navigate to Settings > Management Servers
  2. In the Hostname field, enter the hostname or IP address for the server where the management service is installed.
  3. Leave the Port set to the default 48500.
  4. If a certificate is needed and is installed on all the web servers and the management server, enter that CN name here.  
  5. Select Trusted if this management server will host the correct files and scripts to be used in Custom Tools.  If the Sync button is clicked, and changed files on other management servers will be overwritten with the files existing on the trusted management server.
  6. Disable or enable the management server.
  7. Click Save.

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