Managing Credentials

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Privileged Accounts

System Frontier supports multiple credentials that are used to perform all management tasks on a delegated user’s behalf. The account(s) should have the proper level of access on the target system to perform the work required. Delegated users never have direct access to any credentials.

Credentials are also used to query Active Directory when adding or updating delegated user information.

Adding Credentials

  1. Navigate to Settings > Credentials > Add
  2. Provide a friendly name and description.
  3. The Username field must be in domain\username format for domain accounts or username only for workgroup, SSH (Linux / Cisco / etc.) or other connection types.
  4. Assign a Role to be the owner of these credentials.
  5. Click Save.

Default Credentials for New Installs

Be sure to associate at least one set of Credentials to the All computers Container. When managing a server or workstation, the credentials to be used are resolved in the following order:

  1. Custom Tool specific
  2. All computers Container
  3. Other Containers that the target system is a member of

Assign Credentials to the All computers Container

  • Navigate to Manage > Containers > All computers
  • Click Edit
  • Under Credential Mapping, select Credentials that have admin access to the target systems managed in System Frontier.
  • Click Save.
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