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Menu Customization will let you add links within the menu structure on the left pane. These URL links can reference internal or external websites or applications.

How to Manage Custom Menu Items

Click on Settings > Menu Customization to navigate to the Menu Customization page. On this page you can create, edit, or delete menu items.

The Menu Customization page

The sections on the Menu Customization page are:

ID – The ID is a numeric identifier for the custom menu item. This is created automatically for new custom menu items. There is no need to enter anything in this field.

Parent Navigation Item – This represents the main menu category under which the custom menu item will exist.

Parent Navigation Item example selections.

Name – The display name of the menu item.

Description/Tooltip – Information in the Description/Tooltip field will be shown as a tooltip when you hover over the link.

URL – URL to the website or application. You can select whether you want this to open in a new window or not. Additionally, you can set it to only be visible to you, if you don’t want anyone else to see it.

An example of a URL for the Custom Menu item

Current Roles – You can select the Roles for which you want to make this menu item visible and available.

Custom Navigation Items – This is a list of the current custom menu items that have been created.

Some sample menu items in the Custom Navigation Items section

Custom menu items are created under the “More” link under the main menu category that you selected.

Custom menu items show up under More

Adding a Custom Menu Item

Referencing the information above, simply enter new data into the fields and click the Save button.

Modifying a Custom Menu Item

Click on the custom menu item at the bottom of the Menu Customization page. The fields above it will be populated with the existing data. Make any changes needed and click Save.

Deleting a Custom Menu Item

To delete a custom menu item, click on the item at the bottom of the Menu Customization page, then, after the fields are populated, click on the Delete link next to the Save and Cancel buttons.

The Delete link is next to the Save and Cancel buttons

Be sure to read the User Guide for more information.

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