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These are the permissions that can be assigned to Roles.

CreateComputerCreate a new computer object.
CreateContainerCreate a new container object.
CreateNoteCreate a new computer note.
CreateRoleCreate Roles and permissions.
CreateScheduledTaskCreate a scheduled task.
DeleteComputerDelete a computer from the UI. Sets “Status” to “Deleted”.
DeleteNoteDelete a computer note
DeleteScheduledTaskDelete a scheduled task.
DeleteServiceRemove a Windows service entry.
EnableLocalAccountEnable local accounts on the target computer.
ModifyRoleModify Roles and permissions. A Role (parent) can modify one or more other Roles (child) if those Roles are in the parent Role’s ModifyRole’s scope.
ReadAdminLoginView service account credentials.
ReadApplicationPoolView IIS application pool.
ReadContainerView a container object.
ReadCustomAttributeRead user-defined custom attributes for objects.
ReadCustomToolView custom tools.
ReadEventLogRead a Windows event log like Application, System or Security.
ReadHardwareDetailView physical or virtual system information like make, model, serial number, etc…
ReadHistoryView audit trail for an object.
ReadLocalAccountView local user accounts.
ReadLocalAdministratorGroupView members of local Administrators group
ReadNoteView computer notes.
ReadProcessView Windows processes.
ReadRemoteDesktopToolAbility to view and launch the RDP tool. User still needs native permissions on the target system to log in.
ReadROIDataView ROI dashboard and reports.
ReadRoleView Role list under Settings.
ReadScheduledTaskView scheduled tasks.
ReadServiceView Windows services.
ReadStorageView storage.
ReadWebsiteView IIS website.
RebootComputerReboot a physical or virtual computer.
ResetLocalAccountPasswordReset local account password.
RunCustomToolAllows execution of a custom script or command-line tool from within System Frontier.
StartApplicationPoolStart IIS application pool.
StartScheduledTaskRun a scheduled task.
StartServiceStart Windows services.
StartWebsiteStart IIS website.
StopApplicationPoolStop IIS application pool.
StopScheduledTaskStop a scheduled task.
StopServiceStop Windows services.
StopWebsiteStop IIS website.
TerminateProcessTerminate Windows processes.
TerminateServiceProcessTerminate hosting process for a Windows service.
UnlockLocalAccountUnlock local accounts on the target computer.
WriteAdminLoginAdd/Modify service account credentials.
WriteContainerEdit container object.
WriteCustomAttributeCreate and/or edit user-defined custom attributes for objects.
WriteCustomNavigationCreate and share custom menu items in the main navigation area.
WriteCustomToolCreate/Modify custom tool..
WriteHardwareDetailModify physical or virtual system information like Make, model, serial number, etc…
WriteNoteModify a computer note.
WriteROIDataCreate/Modify ROI configuration data.
WriteScheduledTaskModify a scheduled task.
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