Transparent Pricing

$0 /year
limited features
$2,500 /year
all features
$13,500 /year
more support
1,000 nodes max
100 server or 500 non-server nodes
300 server or 1,500 non-server nodes
No volume discounts
Add nodes for volume discounts
Add nodes for volume discounts
50 users
100 users
Unlimited users
5 custom tools
20 custom tools
Unlimited custom tools
no built-in tools
All built-in tools
All built-in tools
Support: Documentation / Forums
Support: 8x5 priority email
Support: 8x5 priority phone / remote


How is the product licensed?

System Frontier is licensed on a “per node” basis, where a node is anything that is managed either directly or indirectly with the product. Examples are servers, workstations, network devices, printers, Active Directory users, Office 365 users, etc.

Server Nodes – Licenses are sold in 100 or 300 node packs and cover any server class object, like Windows Server, ESXi, RHEL or network devices.

Non-Server Nodes – Licenses are sold in 500 or 1,500 node packs and cover any non-server class object, like Windows workstation endpoints, Ubuntu desktop, Active Directory users or Office 365 accounts.

You can read more details with licensing examples here.

Community Edition

To get your free license, please do the following:

  1. Click the FREE Download link on the Community Edition page.
  2. Activate your account.
  3. You’ll receive your free license once your business email address has been verified.

Do you offer volume or education / non-profit discounts?

Yes. Volume discounts increase with more nodes. Education and non-profit organizations receive a minimum 30% discount.

Do I need licenses for people I delegate access to or that view information in System Frontier?

You only need licenses for objects that you manage or execute tools against.

If I manage a user account in AD and in Office 365, do I need two licenses?

A single non-server node license covers that user account across directories or environments.

Is the Community Edition really free?

Yes! Any organization that is not using another edition can use the Community edition absolutely free as long as their usage is within the defined usage limits.